Advance Extreme

Unnique Advance Extreme, the most intense and advanced treatment Unnique offers. Deeply treating the hair with its unique ingredients that repair, control, nourish and fully restore the hair; giving the hair a very natural, smooth, shiny, and frizz-free result!

Specially developed to help control and treat the rebel or damaged hair that is very difficult to manage. Unnique Advance Extreme is made of a fusion of natural and beneficial ingredients that provide women a treatment for their hair and more complete results.

Extreme Results and The Beautiful Hair You Deserve!

check_circle Advantages

  • Recommended for:
    virgin hair, coarse resistant, hard to tame.
  • Active ingredients:
    brazilian nut, keratin, collagen
  • Application:
    3 - step includes mask
  • No wait before washing:
    wash immediately
  • If using unnique after care kit, will last for:
    up to 4 months


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