Oro Care

Tiarehair presents Oro Care, Anti-Aging Treatment for the Hair. Repairs and reconstructs the damaged hair, as well as it lengthens the keratin treatment. 

Recommended use for:

- Damaged by chemical processes
- Coloring
- Discoloration 
- Highlights
- Straightening/Keratin 
- Damaged by Hair Dryer and/or Flat Iron
- Dehydrated or Curly hair that needs deep hydration without straightening the curls

check_circle Instructions

One Ampoule of Tiarehair Oro Care (0.5fl oz = 15ml) is enough for 2 applications. These instructions are to be used with half an Ampoule. 

  • Wash hair thoroughly with Sulfate-Free Shampoo.
  • Mix half of Tiarehair Oro Care Ampoule (0.25fl oz) with 3 times the amount of warm water (0.75 fl oz = 22ml) into a bowl. Mix until a creamy solution is obtained.
  • Apply product on humid hair from root to end. Leave in for 15-20 minutes with thermal cap on.
  • Rinse off product (water only, no shampoo.)
  • Style as desired. You can use either a hot dryer and brush or a flat iron for better results.


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